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We bring you felicitation from BEWDA members worldwide. We appreciate our Almighty God for His grace and sustenance. We deeply apologize for the late reporting on the state of the utilization of the $2,500 (N1,217,500.00) naira only grant awarded to BEWDA for her Economic Empowerment programs. This is majorly the effect of the Covid 19 pandemic which affected the whole world and activities were almost grounded with the stiff restrictions from physical interactions. Those we needed to partner with were not readily available either. Secondly considering the fact that our major constituents are people from the rural communities, the possibility of holding any virtual meeting(s) is lacking. We however thank God that BEWDA was able to organize and successfully conduct the annual Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Examination (JAMB) couching as usual in 2020 and the 2021 version was just concluded on the 5th of July 2021.

BEWDA as an organization and as stated in its Vision and Mission Statements, is determined to have a society that is peaceful, economically active and buoyant in order to reduce poverty especially for our women and young girls. To achieve this self-reliance and improved livelihood, some of the interventions carried out from January 2020 to date include;


After the massive attacks in Gashish, Ropp and Bachi districts, BEWDA members made individual contributions amounting to the tune of four hundred and twenty eight thousand Naira (N428,000.00) only, The sum of  N264,000.00 was removed from the grant given to BEWDA by the Berom Community North America (BCNA) for economic empowerment programs to add to the above amount to purchase some roofing sheets and zinc nails worth a total of N692,000.00 for the rehabilitation of our displaced communities in Gashish. We are happy to report that the community of Dahwet-Rim also benefitted from this gesture. This was the project the Berom Youth Molders Association (BYM) worked on in 2020.


As its annual activity, BEWDA conducts the above to prepare students who are registered to write the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Examination. (JAMB). Despite the Covid 19 pandemic, the Association was able to carry out this task in all the 13 Districts with those from Aboro in Kaduna State joining in one of the Districts to receive same

Items usually budgeted for during the couching include

  • Launch for the team
  • Power supply
  • Maintenance of equipment and
  • Transportation


2020 = The sum of Ninety-five thousand Naira (N95,000.00) only

2021 = The sum of one hundred and thirty thousand naira (N130,000.00) only.

TOTAL SUM=N225,000.00

It is worthy of note that the Technical Team actually offered themselves almost for free to render this selfless service to the land. We really appreciate this commitment.


Three youths one each from Ropp, Gashish and Bachi benefitted from the skills Development program of the ITF in collaboration with the Nigeria Employers Consultative Association (NECA). We thank God that they were among the successful graduands on 11th May 2021.

BEWDA is running the Poverty Alleviation and the Literacy Education programs concurrently which were kick-started on the 1st of July 2021.


In Berom land, we have thirteen districts and Aboro branch in Kaduna State giving us a total of fourteen (14) intervention areas. BEWDA intends to engage five hundred and four (504) women and youths in poverty alleviation programs/projects in collaboration with some Berom stakeholders and political office holders for sponsorship and for the equipping of the trainees with take-off packages. This means each district is presenting 36 beneficiaries.

Below are the listed trades these vulnerable persons have indicated their interests including the costs implications per candidate.



This program is intended to at least enable many of the women who didn’t have the opportunity to access education or dropped-out of school to be able to read and write. BEWDA is therefore working with Mr. Daniel Dagwi, some volunteers, and other stakeholders to organize Literacy classes for women in their various locations across Berom land. Each District is to operate 5 centers with 2 volunteers each who are to receive a stipend of N3,000 per month.


  • Each district  5 centers
  • Volunteers 10 i.e. (2per center) 10 x 14 = 140 volunteers
  • Stipend (N3,000.00 per volunteer) = N30,000.00 per month per district

Therefore; N30,000.00 x14 = N420,000.00 per month for the 14 intervention areas.

It is worth noting that this excludes other working materials and logistics.



BEWDA is to identify institutions within Berom land to seek scholarships for vulnerable /out of school children at all levels of education from proprietors and spirited individuals in the following areas

  • Tuition fee
  • Text/Exercise books
  • JAMB/SSCE registrations
  • Set up and stocking of mini libraries in communities and other public schools in Berom land


  • Each district EXCO with their National Representative to go round the entire District and identify the institutions of learning
  • Discuss with proprietors of the institutions for scholarship for the vulnerable out of school children from primary to Tertiary levels
  • Identify the venerable children in each village and compile their names.
  • To report to the National body the outcome of the assignment.

These are seriously being considered for more vigorous launch out.


  • BEWDA is working in collaboration with agencies such as Religious organizations, some Government ministries, Medical personnel, Social workers, Community Leaders and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)s in identifying both dealers and consumers of such in order to provide counselling and psychosocial services
  • Each District carries out advocacy visits at ward, village and District levels to the leaders of these localities (traditional, youth and women)
  • We collaborate with the above-mentioned leaders to provide needed intervention such as awareness programs/ seminars and psychosocial support.
  • Necessary actions have often been taken against these identified dealers, consumers and the landlords harboring such illicit substances in collaboration with our local vigilantes and the law enforcement agents.

This effort is gaining acceptance by stakeholders and exploits are being recorded. However, this has become endemic and difficult to surmount but we believe with perseverance, it shall reduce reasonably.


BEWDA strives to identify women with leadership potentials. A motivational seminar was organized and successfully carried out on the 16th of May 2021 where two resource persons did justice on the topics assigned to them in that direction. This was to encourage such women and others for a push into political and other leadership aspirations to participate and or venture into politics and governance and to exercise their franchise wisely. This is to be carried out periodically for greater awareness and motivation for the women to be part of the process at all levels.


BEWDA collaborates with KT and sometimes Jay FM radio stations to publicize BEWDA programs and address other issues. Othe state media outfits also engage BEWDA occasionally.


The organization works closely with her ICT consultant (Rwas Cheng Pwol) in managing the site. We intent to make it more functional.

BEWDA has credited the BCNA for this grant awarded to her by informing the congress of this grant and what it is meant for. BEWDA has also done same on radio KTFM


We want you the BCNA to know that the concern you show for Berom Land is being deeply felt and appreciated. Continue with this good work because it will eventually spur those at home and the diaspora to see the need for becoming patriotic and visionary towards their Land.

May this not just end with you but that you will bequeath these virtues to your children who will continue the legacy.

Nirat Dagwei ni sang’al tang’a yin sherek. Wod a feng pyak.

Ngo (Suga) Florence B. Jambol

BEWDA President