1. To promote unity and understanding among all the Berom women thereby promoting the spirit of oneness, self-help and general development.
  2. To promote the welfare, economic, social activities, education and training of the Berom women.
  3. To awaken and encourage in women the realization of their responsibilities to the community.
  4. To foster net-working with other women organizations with similar objectives both within and outside the country
  5. To promote and preserve the cultural and traditional heritage of the Berom people for national identity.
  6. To liaise with organizations such as Berom Educational and Cultural Development Association (BECDA), Berom Elders Forum, Berom Youth Moulders Association (BYMA) and other Berom Organizations for the effective harmony of development in Berom land and the country at large.
  7. To promote the exchange of ideas amongst Berom Women and other women Associations.


In order to achieve the above objectives, BEWDA shall:

  1. Provide a platform to formulate and disseminate women’s opinion and ideas.
  2. Provide a forum through seminars, workshops, conferences to encourage the women on social, economic and educational activities.
  3. Provide vocational centers, recreational centers, adult education, and schools for the development of the land.
  4. Provide and encourage co-operative societies among members.
  5. Send delegates to state, National and international conferences to build up capabilities and capacities of members and widen their scope globally.
  6. Embark on income generating activities in order to promote the living standard of the Berom woman.
  7. Publish magazines and any other materials of the Association, for information is knowledge and knowledge is power.