We, BEROM WOMEN from all walks of life, in and outside Nigeria, HAVING REALISED the importance of peace, unity and progress in the development of BEROM LAND; AND RECOGNIZING the need to consolidate ourselves into an active, progressive and democratic Association in order to cater for the welfare, education, and personal enhancement our people and discharge our responsibilities as members of the Association and citizens of Nigeria.

Berom Women Vwang District
Berom Women Kuru Distrist

AND DEDICATED TO UPHOLD THE INTEGRITY of all our women and to oppose within the limit of the law at all times, in all spheres, all forms of segregation, discrimination and oppression amongst and against our women

AND TO PROVIDE a platform for co-operation and fellowship amongst ourselves in order to promote, develop and encourage unity, love and progress in the community and the country at large; WE DO HEREBY MAKE, ENACT AND GIVE TO OURSELVES the following constitution

Berom Women Ropp District


  • Any lady irrespective of where she comes from married to a Berom man is a Berom woman.
  • Any Berom daughter who has attain the age of forty and is not married is qualified to be a member of Berom Women Development Association